What is SEO & Y DO I NEED IT ?

Search Engines like Google , Yahoo & Bing are usually the first place where users begin their online search for product or service. These search engines return results on keyword inputs by the user. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the major & minor tweaks done in a website to improve its quality and other parameters so that it becomes search engine friendly and hence performs well in keyword search.


1)At Digibaba.in first we do a Quick FREE assessment of your website and other online presence.
2)Our Paid Service includes a comprehensive assessment and analysis.
3)We work up your website & suggest improvements to increase your search visibility.
4)Pricing varies as per the customer website size , target audience, keywords, paid/organic reach and other factors.
Eg. It may be as low as 80/- USD for some process like Tags Optimization to 3000/-USD for white back-links through blogs and social media marketing.

You may begin with a FREE Check Up.